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Overseas International Tour
BII Bali Island Indonesia Honeymoon Package
702 TPK Thailand - PHUKET
703 TPT Thailand - PATAYA
704 TCM Thailand - CHIANG MAI
705 IBL Indonesia - BALI, LOMBOK
707 CPP Cambodia - PHNOM PENH
Cambodia, officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia and once known as the Khmer Empire, is a country located in the southern portion of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Its total landmass is 181,035 square kilometres, bordered by Thailand to the northwest, Laos to the northeast, and Vietnam to the east and the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest.

With a population of over 14.8 million, Cambodia is the 70th most populous country in the world. The official religion is Theravada Buddhism, which is practiced by approximately 95% of the Cambodian population. The country's minority groups include Vietnamese, Chinese, Chams and 30 hill tribes. The capital and largest city is Phnom Penh, the political, economic, and cultural center of Cambodia. The head of government is Hun Sen, who is currently the longest serving leader in South East Asia and has ruled Cambodia for over 25 years.

The Indianized kingdom built monumental temples such as Angkor Wat and facilitated the spread of first Hinduism, then Buddhism to much of Southeast Asia. After the fall of Angkor to Ayutthaya in the 15th century, Cambodia was ruled as a vassal between its neighbors until it was colonized by the French in the mid-19th century. Cambodia gained independence in 1953.

Cambodia has had one of the best economic records in Asia, with economic growth averaging 6 percent for the last 10 years. Strong textiles, agriculture, construction, garments, and tourism sectors led to foreign investments and international trade. In 2005, oil and natural gas deposits were found beneath Cambodia's territorial waters, and once commercial extraction begins in 2013, the oil revenues could profoundly affect Cambodia's economy.
708 VHC Vietnam - HO CHI MING
709 APT Australia - PERTH
Japan Tour
800 GSV Japan Tour
81A HSP Hokkaido Tour Sapporo (Skiing/Crab)
Hokkaido is Japan's second largest island; it is also the largest and northernmost of Japan's 47 prefectures. The Tsugaru Strait separates Hokkaido from Honshu, although the two islands are connected by the underwater railway Seikan Tunnel. The largest city on Hokkaido is its capital, Sapporo, which is also its only ordinance-designated city.

Sapporo is known outside Japan for having hosted the 1972 Winter Olympics, the first ever held in Asia, and for the city's annual Yuki Matsuri, internationally referred to as the Sapporo Snow Festival, which draws more than 2 million tourists from around the world. The city is also home to Sapporo Brewery and the famous white chocolate biscuits called shiroi koibito (白い恋人"lovers in white").
81B HHK Hokkaido Tour Hakodate (Seafood)
83A TTF Tokyo Tour 4D3NH Tokyo & Mt. Fuji M
Tokyo officially Tokyo Metropolis (東京都) is one of the 47 prefectures of Japan. Tokyo is the capital of Japan, the center of the Greater Tokyo Area, and the largest metropolitan area in the world. It is the seat of the Japanese government and the Imperial Palace, and the home of the Japanese Imperial Family.

The population of the special wards is over 9 million people, with the total population of the prefecture exceeding 13 million. The prefecture is part of the world's most populous metropolitan area with upwards of 35 million people and the world's largest urban agglomeration economy with a GDP of US$1.479 trillion at purchasing power parity, ahead of the New York metropolitan area in 2008. The city hosts 51 of the Fortune Global 500 companies, the highest number of any city.

Tokyo has been described as one of the three "command centers" for the world economy, along with New York City and London. In 2012, Tokyo was named the most expensive city for expatriates, according to the Mercer and Economist Intelligence Unit cost-of-living surveys, and in 2009 named the third Most Livable City and the World’s Most Livable Megalopolis by the magazine Monocle. The Michelin Guide has awarded Tokyo by far the most Michelin stars of any city in the world. Tokyo hosted the 1964 Summer Olympics and is currently a candidate city for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games.
83B TTF Tokyo Tour 4D3NH Tokyo & Mt. Fuji A
Mount Fuji located on Honshu Island, is the highest mountain in Japan at 3,776.24 m. An active strata volcano that last erupted in 1707–08, Mount Fuji lies about 100 kilometres south-west of Tokyo, and can be seen from there on a clear day. Mount Fuji's exceptionally symmetrical cone, which is snow-capped several months a year, is a well-known symbol of Japan and it is frequently depicted in art and photographs, as well as visited by sightseers and climbers. it is a Special Place of Scenic Beauty, a Historic Site, and has been submitted for future inscription on the World Heritage List as a Cultural (rather than Natural) Site.
83D TTF Tokyo Tour 4D3NF Tokyo & Mt. Fuji A
83F TTF Tokyo Tour 4D3NH Tokyo & Fuji Info Centre A
83H TTH Tokyo Tour 4D3NH Tokyo & Hakone A
83L TDY Tokyo Tour 4D3NF Dynamic A
83N TPS Tokyo Tour 4D3NC Panorama Symphony A
85A KKY Kansai Tour Kyoto (Kinkakuji, Ginkakuji, Gion)
85B KOK Kansai Tour Osaka (Osaka Castle, Dotonbori)
85C KKB Kansai Tour Kobe (Kitano, Ijinkan, China Town)
86A STK Kyushu Tour Fukuoka (Dazaifu, Mentaiko, Tonkotsu Ramen)
88B KYO Kyushu Tour Oita (Beppu Hot Spring, Yufuin)
Muslim Tour
900 JSV Muslim (M) Tour
90A KOK M Tour Kansai 4 Cities


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