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Day Tour
You could find wonderful Asian food at your nearest place! Cheap, tasty and valuable! You will never be happier if you can enjoy the tastiest food at the lowest prices.
500 JDT Day Tour (Free and Easy) Seminar in Johor Bahru (JB)
501 SDT D-Tour (Free & Easy) Seminar in Singapore (SG)
502 JFP D-Tour Pan Mee (JB)
503 JFB D-Tour Bak Teh (JB)
504 JFH  D-Tour Har Mee (JB)
505 JFW D-Tour Wan Tan Mee (JB)
506 JFC D-Tour Curry Laksa (JB)
507 JFS D-Tour Sarawak Laksa (JB)
508 JFS D-Tour Cream Puff (JB)
509 JFN D-Tour Nasi Lemak (JB)
510 JFR D-Tour Loti Canai and Tosai (JB)
511 JFA D-Tour Assam Laksa (JB)
512 JFM D-Tour Mee Goreng (JB)
513 JHT D-Tour Hiking Trail (JB)
514 JLH D-Tour Legoland Hello Kitty (NJ)
The first international theme park for Malaysia has started operations on 15 Sep 2012. The Legoland Hotel and a water park are scheduled to open in 2013.
515 JDE D-Tour Desaru Beach (JH)
516 JPO D-Tour Johor Premium Outlet (JH)
This US style fashion outlet shopping centre (a JV between the Genting group and a US outlet company) had its soft launch on 2 Dec 2011 and was officially opened 11 Dec 2011 by the Prime Minister.
517 SWZ D-Tour Wild Reserve Zoo (SG)
518 SWB D-Tour Wild Reserve BIRD PARK (SG)
519 SWR D-Tour Wild Reserve RIVER SAFARI (SG)
520 SWN D-Tour Wild Reserve NIGHT SAFARI (SG)
521 SSC  D-Tour Science Museum (SG)
522 SSH  D-Tour Japanese Food Shopping (SG)
523 SSE D-Tour Sentosa (SG)
524 JFF D-Tour Firefly (JB)
525 JGF Golf Tour (JB)
526 JFM Farm Tour (JB)
527 JHS Home Stay Tour (JB)


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